Who are we and what do we do?

An exquisite team of recruiters and sourcers


Sarah De Laet

Sarah De Laet has been working at nXt-IT since 2010. She has acquired extensive practical experience as an outsourcer in the IT sector from the outset of her career. She finds IT fascinating because it is a world all its own that is constantly changing and growing. She finds it a challenge every day to place the right freelancer, with the right skills and talents in the right job. That’s where she draws her energy from to feed her work ethic. So she can match every client with the right consultant for a new project!

Sourcing and recruiting with a vision

We could write for pages on end why you should opt for nXt-IT. But rather than blabber on the issue, we prefer to look for the right IT professional for your project in your company. Or that perfect job tailor-made for a motivated and ambitious freelancer such as yourself.
Our winning assets

  • An extensive network we constantly upgrade and update
  • Our speed: we react rapidly and accurately to your needs and requirements
  • Our knowledge and expertise: years of experience in recruitment and selection in the IT sector
  • In-depth knowledge of various sectors:
    • Finance
    • Energy
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Our multilingualism: We help clients and consultants in Dutch, French and English
  • Our personal approach: we would like to get to know you!

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