Recruiting and sourcing for companies

Are you the nxt-IT specialist who works for us?

Looking for a new challenge? A new permanent position? Or are you a freelancer on the go in search of new projects for the short or long term? At nXt-IT we are thoroughly familiar with your needs and requirements. As a professional, it is ever so important to work together with the right partner, if you want to advance in your career in an intelligent manner. Ultimately, you want an interesting job where you can keep abreast of the latest technologies, expand your knowledge and give your career a boost.


IT vacancies geared to your skills and career plan

Many recruiters want to place as many consultants as possible in as many companies as possible. nXt-IT wants to place the right professional in the company for which he is best suited and where he can develop optimally.  That is to your benefit, but to be honest, also to that of our client and ourselves. Because in this way, we create an extensive database of satisfied consultants and freelancers who like to work for us, and in so doing, we also build an extensive network of satisfied customers who like to remain customers. So nXt-IT can continue to grow in providing services to you and to our companies.


Advancement in your career

Why would you, as a freelancer, opt for nXt-IT? Here is why:

  • We really want to get to know you: That is why we think it is so important to talk to you beforehand about your skills, goals and interests. What is it that makes you tick in an IT job? What are you good at? What aspects do you still want to hone? Where are you looking?
  • The vacancies that fit your profile best: we do our utmost to offer you the right situations vacant.
  • At nXt-IT, you are given every opportunity to build a sustainable career.


Recruiting and sourcing for companies

nXt-IT provides fast and efficient solutions for all your recruiting. Are you looking for a specialist to fill a permanent position or a professional to provide guidance and support for a project? Nxt-IT is always on the lookout for the best candidates for your business. We think it is important to arrive at a real ‘match’ between your company and the candidate(s) we present to you. The right consultant at the right place will help your business grow.


Rapidly deployable consultants and own in-house professionals
With our experience of long standing in sourcing and recruitment we know the needs of the market through and through. Consultants at the right place can help your company grow. And that is also our goal: to bring your company to new heights. That is why a thorough selection of suitable candidates is so important. And that is precisely where we can make a difference. We have both our own in-house specialists and top notch, rapidly deployable and efficient freelancers in our extensive network.


IT services in various fields
At Nxt-IT, we specialise in various fields. We help you along the way with projects, for the long or short haul, or to find permanent employees in different disciplines and fields.

  • Application Development
    • Java.NET
    • Sharepoint
    • Mainframe
    • PHP
    • Drupal
  • BI
    • SAS
    • Cognos
    • QlikView
    • SAP
    • Microsoft
    • Tableau
    • Oracle
    • Microstrategy
  • Network Infrastructure
    • Engineering
  • Testing
  • CRM
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle

Support for different sectors
There is a need for professional IT experts to tackle daily IT challenges in nearly all sectors. However, there are always highly specific aspects that have to be taken into account in a given sector. And that is an absolute requirement when it comes to recruiting as well. We provide specialised and efficient solutions for specific needs in different sectors:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Energy
  • Pharmaceuticals


Need a professional consultant to help your company grow?
nXt-IT can provide fast and efficient help.